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Gary Donnelly & Co. Limited was formed in 2014, with the principal being Gary Donnelly FCA CTC BA (Hons).


We are committed to providing a well-planned and cost effective quality audit for our clients while at the same time recognising statutory and regulatory requirements.


As a reputable chartered accountancy practice we prepare management accounts, financial projections as well annual financial statements for all size of clients.


We can use any bookkeeping package and can provide services to our clients covering all areas of bookkeeping.


We provide services designed to ensure that all of our clients are availing of all opportunities, mitigating threats, using their strengths while always making sure that our clients do not have any perceived weaknesses.


We provide services designed to ensure that all of our clients who employ personnel comply with legislation and mitigate any possible liabilities as a result of a payroll audit. Our preferred payroll software is Sage.


We provide services designed to ensure that appropriate business structures are in place which will help mitigate as much as possible potential tax. The frequency of Revenue enquiries has increased during the last 5 years.

Would you like to work with Gary?

He has 20 years’ experience in delivering tax advice and accounts to a large range of clients with a particular emphasis to clients in the Medical profession. He is a Chartered Tax Consultant as well as a Chartered Accountant.

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